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BCW, vol. 11

Niels Bohr Archive

(1911 - 1962)

Edited by
Finn Aaserud

We are proud to announce that the last volume of the Niels Bohr Collected Works, the first volume of which appeared in 1972 under the editorship of Léon Rosenfeld, has just been published. Documenting Bohr's popular writings and celebrations of other scientists as well as contemporaries in Danish society, it is directed towards a general audience.

This last volume highlights the personal side of Niels Bohr as well as his efforts to explain quantum physics and its implications to physicists and non-physicists alike. While his activity over many years in the area of superconductivity illustrates his striving for synthesis in physics, his encyclopedia articles and radio speech for Scandinavian gymnasium students document his effort to make quantum physics and its implications understandable to the general public. The major part of the volume comprises Bohr's many published writings about his predecessors (for example Isaac Newton), teachers and colleagues (for example Ernest Rutherford and Albert Einstein), family and friends. These writings, which include several rare pieces of autobiogaphy, bring new perspectives to Bohr's life and document his substantial social network, both internationally and within his beloved Denmark.
In addition to Bohr's publications reproduced in Parts I and II, the volume includes a more brief Part III with selected correspondence, as well as an inventory of relevant manuscripts. It concludes with a bibliography of Bohr's many publications, chronologically arranged with references to where they can be found in the various volumes of the Collected Works. The volume is illustrated with many new photographs.

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Frontispiece, Volume 12

Finn Aaserud, December 2006

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