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The Niels Bohr Archive Library consists of three collections of books. These are
the Bohr Book Collection, which comprises those of Niels Bohr's own books that were not auctioned off at his death - a few books of the latter were bought back in 1991 with a grant from the Arthur P.Sloan Foundation - in all about 800 volumes;
the Leon Rosenfeld Book Collection, which is a rich and varied book collection donated to the Archive on the condition that it be maintained separately, 1200 volumes,
and the General Book Collection, which contains history of science books and journals, as well as original physics texts, bought by the Archive and donated by friends, visitors and researchers. This collection was supplemented with a purchase made possible by the above-mentioned grant from the Sloan Foundation.

The books have been registered in the ALEPH library database maintained by the Danish Royal Library.
There is now a new online version of this library catalogue, with access to the Niels Bohr Archive collections, at

ALEPH/NBA library .

The books are not on loan, you are welcome to consult them at the Archive, Blegdamsvej 17, DK-2100 Copenhagen .

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Last updated: November 2012