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Niels Bohr Archive Photograph Reproduction Collection. 1880 -

DESCRIPTION OF COLLECTION (18): The archive's most used resource, this collection comprises ca. 1200 images of Niels Bohr and his environment, the Niels Bohr Institute, visiting scientists, etc. Prints and negatives are organized under the following headings: Niels Bohr, portraits, 1910-1962; Adlers (Bohr's maternal family); Nørlunds (Margrethe B's family); Niels & Margrethe Bohr; Bohr Family, children; Bohr together with 1 or 2 scientists; Bohr together with public figures; Bohr in small groups; Bohr in large groups; Conferences; Apparatus; Buildings; Miscellaneous; Other People (mostly scientists).
Copied from the collection of original photographs held by the Niels Bohr Archive. These photographs were donated by: Niels Bohr's wife, Margrethe; the Bohr family; people working at or associated with the Niels Bohr Institute, visitors to the Niels Bohr Archive.
Currently, the photographs are being scanned in for display on the WWW, Niels Bohr Archive Picture Collection. Support for this work has been provided by the Lounsbery Foundation.

Permission form regarding use of images from the Niels Bohr Archive Picture collection is found here (.doc file) and here (.pdf file).

Approx. 1200 items. Preliminary lists, paper and electronic

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