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7 October 2015 is the
130th anniversary of Niels Bohr's birth in 1885,
80th anniversary of the first group photograph in 1935 and
50th anniversary of the renaming of the institute in 1965 to Niels Bohr Institutet. (See NBI history)

The Institute Group Photograph
The first group photograph of the staff and guests at the Institute was taken in 1935 as a gift for Niels Bohr on his 50th birthday.
The tradition has continued since then every year on or near Bohr's birthday, 7 October.
There are only a few gaps in the series of photographs - 1943-44, when Bohr had to flee the country during the war;
and 1962, the year of Niels Bohr's death.

Group photograph 1935
PDF file with names, Alternative photo

Group photograph 1955
PDF file with names

Universitetets Institut for teoretisk Fysik, 1921

Niels Bohr Institutet, 1965

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